Increase Your Net Income by Leveraging Applied AI to Optimize your Workforce

Our Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution gives you the power to maximize your employees' time and efforts.

RXA’s Workforce Optimization (WFO) application provides your organization with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics insights to optimize the efforts of your workforce, leading to enhanced customer service while reducing expenses and ultimately increasing your net income.​

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RXA’s Workforce Optimization (WFO) is unlike any other labor and staffing optimization tool on the market. It unites all relevant data from public sources, contact centers, back-office, weather, and throughout the enterprise under one integrated platform to enable RXA’s proprietary AI models to predict the optimal staffing and scheduling for your team​.

In addition, RXA’s WFO enables the ability to analyze data, predict volume of future transitions, calculate the time needed to complete future tasks, generate schedules, and deploy skilled team members, all with the goals of providing your customers with the best experience while reducing your labor costs​.

How do we do it?
Applied AI
The WFO solution is designed to increase customer satisfaction, decrease employee churn, and increase net income while leveraging Applied AI.
Real Time Support
RXA offers 24/7 technical support and automated alerts to ensure your data needs are covered.
Continuous Optimization
We monitor and customize our algorithms to adapt to your customer’s lexicon.
Data Visualization
The best and most flexible data visualization capabilities available. RXA easily builds your current tracking metrics into the WFO program so you have one place to reference your KPIs.

Decrease OT Expense

Improve Customer Experiences

Optimize Staffing

Increase Net Income

Case Study:
Retail - Pharmacy


A large pharmaceutical and CPG retailer was struggling to balance staffing needs for associates (both salary and hourly), assistant mangers, and mangers.


RXA’s applied AI-based Workforce Optimization solution integrated all internal and external available data to predict the optimal staffing while enhancing the customer’s experience.

RXA identified $24M in staffing improvement leading to direct cost savings by leveraging the balance of salary and hourly employees and customer demands.

Case Study:
Retail - Automotive


A large automotive service and accessory company struggled to maintain proper staffing levels based on customer demands, weather, road conditions, and employees.


Leveraging RXA’s applied AI-based Workforce Optimization solution, this retailer was able to integrate the optimal employee scheduling that led to a 14% reduction in hourly labor costs while increasing same store sales by 2.1% and same store net income by 8.4%. These results allowed for reinvestment back into the hourly employee wages, increasing employee and company morale.

Case Study:
Health Care - Hospitals


A hospital network in a major metropolitan area operated in a regulatory environment that mandated a minimum 1 to 4 nurse to patient ratio. Without the ability to predict the likelihood that open shifts would be filled, the hospital often overstaffed to be sure the ratio was maintained. This was proving very costly in the long-term.


The hospital engaged RXA to leverage their applied AI-based Workforce Optimization solution. RXA’s WFO used all available data (internal and external) to predict patient intakes, staff call-offs, etc. The model used this information to maximize cost efficiencies by reducing overtime costs by 20% while still meeting the mandated ratios.

The RXA Workforce Optimization Platform

Flawless Integration

RXA can seamlessly integrate with your current data flows and scheduler, making it easy to implement and if desired, not noticeable to scheduler users​.

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Customized to Your Needs

RXA can develop and deliver a full workforce optimization process and scheduler tailored to your needs. This all-in-one solution will advance your current solution by leveraging applied AI with a user-friendly, easily navigated front end GUI interface.​

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Direct Line to Managers

Leveraging RXA’s WFO platform allows you to push optimal scheduling suggestions to managers in the field via any media – website, email, etc. In addition, the platform provides ideal flexibility allowing you or your managers to override the suggested scheduling.​

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Executive Dashboards

All data and planning is rolled up into an easy to digest and navigate dashboard so your managers and above can quickly understand their labor allocations and savings attributed to RXA’s Workforce Optimization solution. Dashboards are easily customizable to your business needs.​

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